Automobile Image Editing Service:


In this modern age you should apply new marketing technique to sell more. If you are a car photographer, dealer, producer or seller and want to attract visitors to visit your website to get more information about your car or other information then you should show them firstly nice photos. So you have to take the help of automobile image editor in house or outsource. It’s reflected the car digital shoppers clearly and gives appositive impression. In photo editing, digital tools and techniques are used to better effect over the competitors. Buyers always look for attractive things; even vehicle which is extremely important for setting any items. This is a strategy which the automobile industries have adopted and this helps them to display their car in the best way. Online automobile dealer discovered the importance of high-quality image and great visual value to buyers. Besides, color, background and other adjustments of car image give a great rating of views to the customers. For this reason, they hire/appoint skilled and professional photographers to get the car picture properly in order to place on website which is not enough but a perfect and experienced Photoshop designers can do it easily. Clipping Path Export can give you better result than others because we have along experienced and have a great team with expert designers. We make the image more attractive, vivid, colorful, and put them on right position by the same size as our client’s requirement. Our organization Clipping Path Export Ltd has been supplied complex image enhancement solutions for car photographer and automobile dealer group. We have long experience in this profession and working with many photography and advertising agencies around the globe. If you are looking for an automobile image editing service provider then here we are ready to provide prompt with the help of our experience team. So please contact us for a free-trail to test our quality for your satisfaction and trust.

Clipping Path/Backdrop Service:

BackdropBackdrop Services
Backdrop ServicesBackdrop Service
Clipping ExportClipping Path Export

Clipping Path is the process by which cut out the car/product from its background. It achieved by the process of some computer software, such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Paint Shop Pro, CorelDraw. Adobe Photoshop is the best preferred choice to everybody. Clipping Path or Backdrop service is the vital service for the car dealer/trader or other people who need to their service or car to the targeted customers. When the car photos are usually photographed in the photo studio and outside of the dealer’s store, it may not look attractive as need to show on the website for the customers. So it is very important to cut out the car from its raw background. If you are searching a post product house for your car images then you can contact us for you backdrop service.

Background Replacement Service:

Background Replacement Service_1Background Replacement
Background Replacement ServiceBackground Replacement


It is not enough to remove the background from a car, there also need to add a perfect when it will be posted on the website. With this Background Replacement service we remove the original/raw background of a car from its whole image or

background and adjust a new background or client’s required background. A nice photo with nice background will be more attractive to the viewers. In this process Clipping Path Export firstly makes clipping path around the car and remove the raw background and replace the client’s provided background with it. We put the car on the right position of the client’s template in the required size. We can also post the done images directly on the directory/website if client demand us. All the above mentioned is not very much time killing but technically critical. It needs to be handled by the expert hands which already have in Clipping Path Export Ltd. 

Shadow Creation:


After adding a new background on the car image it is very important to add shadow to underneath to look it nice and natural either it will look like an artificial thing. So it very important service for car image. Our expert team has long experience to creating natural shadow, drop shadow and reflection shadow for your car image. We can apply suitable shadow to image considering weather conditions so that the photo will be clearly visible and attracting. One we adjust the background shadow it help us to create a new shadow under the car to make sure that it’s faded out to the road surface well. We can create all kind of shadow like the natural shadow, drop shadow, reflection shadow as clients may choose whatever they like.

Retouching and Color Adjustment Service:


Car image retouching service, particularly needed when many distracting and unwanted elements are founded on it. It must not be more attracting to the customers who will visit your website or gallery. Our services included removing unwanted things from the object to do color adjustment if necessary and apply visibility of the new background and give a natural shadow. These treatments obviously change the quality of a photo and its appearance on the website. When there is need to pay a close attention to the product then the dealer/seller want to use retouching service and color adjustment services on the car image.