Clothing Image Editing Services:-

In this internet age, on one can think of a business without online visibility. If you are an e-commerce photographer or online seller and want to sell your clothing product, in that case, you need to show your product eye-catching. So the customers will give their attention on your product. (If we consider the buying steps of a product then the first step will be nice looking. A good appearance of a product force to a customer to come. Then the customer will consider the others things like quality, color, price, and etc.)  Most of the time a product loose its attractiveness by the raw background, unwanted parts of the product, stain or marks, dust, etc.)  For this reason you need to edit your product image perfectly where this is fashionable items. If this is the matter you will certainly want to ensure every part of your apparel product offering is perfectly visible to your target customers. The expert and experienced post production house can it visible to the customers perfectly.  E-commerce photographers, photography agencies, and studio owners very often busy with their photo-shoot or other important task. So they search for the expert and efficient post product house like for their apparel image editing or other types.

Clipping Path or Background Removal Service:

clipping Path ExportClipping Path_After
pentsClliping Path Export
jack2Background Remove


When a photographer shoots a product it may be captured with unwanted things and bad background. So it is very important to remove the raw background and other unnecessary thing. There are a few techniques if you want to edit your clothing image. The first of all is clipping path service. If anybody wants remove the raw background from the clothing product then clipping path is enough. We are providing both of services as per our client’s recommendation at same rate.

Ghost Mannequin solution/Neck Join Service:

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Ghost mannequin service in not an ignorable issue for who want to sell garments product by online. (When photographer shoots a garment product they often use ghost mannequin to keep the right shape of the product. But there is a big problem that is the customers can‘t see the other part of mannequin. If you want to show the all parts then you must need help of the Photoshop designers who have experience to do this kind of jobs.) Moreover, it very effective and efficient service for e-commerce business, professional clothing photographers, fashion photographers, readymade business, and magazine also. Basically, mannequin holds your clothing product their own shape, which can make the product more realistic and balanced thereby increase their allegiance to the customers. Actually, invisible ghost mannequin service is a Photoshop process where you can hide the mannequin layer and can express only the product perfectly. It is the most demanding service for clothing image which combine or joint the front part of the top, wrist and sleeve with the invisible part which caused by mannequin.

Retouching & Shape Correction:

Retouching & Shape CorrectionRetouching & Shape Correction
Retouching & Shape CorrectionRetouching & Shape Correction
Retouching & Shape CorrectionRetouching images


When anyone want prepare a clothing product to capture, not matter how much he/she iron the cloths. It is really very difficult to remove every single wrinkle. For this reason here comes the issue of Photoshop editing. If you want to show your sample product to the customers then you can use Photoshop software yourself like Photoshop 3, 5, 6, Photoshop CC, Light room, etc. (There are many tools and techniques which you can use for your clothing image editing jobs.) But it is not a very easy task moreover, very time consuming also. So you can take support from outsource and save your time and money. Not only the wrinkle and blemishes; we also remove spots, extra yarn and other inconsistency parts.  There is a tools called liquefy; we use this tool to keep the perfect shape of the product.  We have a special and expert team for retouching clothing/apparel product images. We are using very latest technologies and software any types of images. Since, customer satisfaction is our main goal. You can try with us for a single time to test our quality.

Color Correction & Separation:



It I true that color plays a powerful role to sell the clothing product. Everybody knows that color has the ability to create mode, emotion, and inspire one to take action. There may have a few colors in a clothing product. (If you want to show your colorful product to the customers then you should also show the difference and the variation of different colors and you should do the color separation service).  If you ask me the process; then will tell you that it is very simple but very sensitive and creative job. Firstly, we separate the various colors and elements by multi-path and make layers consequently set up the colors as client’s requirement.  Only Photoshop expert designers and experienced product house like Clipping Path Export Ltd can do it perfectly. Please go to free-trial page and send us a few images for test our quality for free of cost.