Earring, necklace, bangle, finger-ring, watch, and there have more items those bought and sold most in online or e-commerce. These are the opposite name of fashion. In the e-commerce sector the jewelry items have taken the major part. Jewelry items that have bright color and no drawbacks are selling quickly as customers are impressed by the perfect looking of it.  (We know the proverb that “all the glitters are not gold.” But here is the most import thing is the glitteriest and nice looking of the image if you want to sell more in online. You have nothing to do here, where the product and customers demand it). You may ask how soon such a super result can be achieved. There are very important aspects are professional photography and jewelry image editing. So you have to engage very expert and experienced jewelry retouchers to get the perfect result. This gives the excellent visible effect of light and color to give the attractive look of the jewelry product. Our designers do their jobs sincerely and successfully for both new and old image and it will be ensured that the editing work will be perfect and give a better effect. So the customers will be able to differentiate the quality from the other competitors in the first sight. (Dust may convinced the customers that the product it old which will create a negative attitude in the mind of the customers. We can these types of problem by using our retouching techniques). 

Multi-Path and Background Removing Service:
Before 1Background Removing Service
Before 2After 2
Background Removing ServiceBackground Removing Service

Jewelry things are the thing to love, thing to wear, and thing to show a positive attitude. Jewelry background removing service gives the more advantages that we think. Jewelry products are the fashionable items. So the seller needs to show their product shiny. Maximum online sellers feel need the background removing service when it is necessary to remove the unnecessary parts and elements around the main product. The unnecessary elements revoke the customer’s good attention from the product. The companies that have their business in the jewelry sector, they are always suggested to use background removing service. We also make the multi–path to make the separation of the different color and parts.

Retouching Service for Jewelry Image:
Retouching Service for Jewelry ImageRetouching Service for Jewelry Image
rng-2Retouching Service for Jewelry Image

The digital retouching is a technique by which recreate a new look of the image which damaged by the nature, man-made, or environmentally. The images also may damage by the various reason like spot, dust, making fault, or other element. To clear dust and other elements, including reflections are considerate to be being obligatory in jewelry product. To sell valuable items more and successfully you have to avoid the entire defects from your product image that sometimes appear in you photos. Jewelry product is very reflective products. So it becomes the bad headache to shoot it without reflection and drawback for the photographers. So it very important to take help of Photoshop designers who have enough experience in jewelry retouching service. (Everyone wants to take a perfect shot of a product but finally you may not get perfect image. Because of the shooting problem, production problem, scours, spots etc.)  A flat stone to be used to lose visible glares in case of too much white light is used. It is requires to diffuse the light to get the perfect result of the jewelry retouching service. (Jewelry image editors, who do the complicated jewelry image editing services must have sufficient knowledge in this particular product.) Otherwise, any single mistake can be damage in the whole image.  You may agree with me or not that jewelry retouching service is the most difficult job of Photoshop design.  But the talk is the different about the experience and specialist. There is nothing difficult job for an expert designer. So it is very important to appoint or engage the expert team for your images to do jewelry image retouching jobs that is already have in Clipping Path Export Ltd. Depending on the client’s demand we apply the necessary techniques and tools to retouch the jewelry photos.

Shadow Creation Service:

Jewelry Shadow CreationShadow Creation Service
Shadow Creation Serviceshad1

Shadows are naturally considerate more important element of jewelry image made by experience and quality professionals. Being quite attentive to all details in the jewelry image we use software such as Photoshop or light room. Realistic shadow allows all high-light visible and perfect features of selling products as well as all elements attentions, especially for jewelry image. A good editing photo may look bad without a realistic shadow to the customers and sight may shift from the product.  Our designers are capable to create any kind of shadow as the angles demand like natural shadow, drop shadow, reflection shadow. Shadow making is not a very easy job, yes, there may not take much time but it is very important to understand the focus and angle. So that anybody can make a perfect shadow which is only possible for experienced designers and we have it.

Color Correction/Adjustment:


Color is everywhere in sky, jungle, human. Ad-firm, online seller, photo agency, multi- media production houses who work with image everybody need color adjustment services for their product to catch the eye of the buyers. All color carries and reflects its own effect to change the customers buy mood. Color adjustment/color enhancement ensures that the photos are fully needed in media. It is basically a way to change the color and make the jewelry image look more colorful. Specially, where there are many colorful parts, diamonds, or other stones have. It can be also balanced the color of the image and make the image natural. Perfect cutting and color correction service require something more than just technical skill and experience but it needs a high level of creativity and experience in order to understand the jewelry photography.