Model Image Editing

In this modern world not only the actor/actress or celebrities, everyone want to present him/herself gloriously.  Here in Clipping Path Export Ltd, model image editing services are available for individual or corporate. Fashion agencies and model houses need these services other than any other sectors. It is not enough to shoot with good camera, here also often need to post–production to look more beautiful the model images. There are some notable works in model image editing like as hair masking, basic skin retouching, beauty retouching, color adjustment, centralize the image, etc.

Image Masking/Background Removing Services:

md-4Image Masking/Background Removing Services

Description: (This service is also like the other background removing services but has a little different. Here is not possible to apply pen tool to clip the image. Generally, here are applicable background erase tool, magic erase tool and other new techniques to remove the background from the model image.) Image Masking is a digital art that help to separate certain parts of the image where the edge cannot be seen clearly, and an example of image masking is the isolation of breezy hair from the photo. Moreover, the image masking techniques are usually implemented when we can’t remove the background or other things by using clipping path from a model successfully. Image masking service is not easy like clipping path. To implement the hair masking service, well trained, creative and experience designers are to promote into the higher level of photo masking perfectly.  We assure that your website visitors will bring in front of customer’s eyes what you actually expected. No one can imagine how our talented designers can apply photo masking and give it into a transparent look. Image masking solution plays a vital role for a model hair masking to remove unnecessary hair and make it natural which is very important for this sector.

Model Image Retouching:

md-before-2Model Image Retouching
Md-beforeModel Image Retouching:

Description: Generally, model images require retouching services the most because people follow images of models before any other things. All the images we see in the magazine, Television, and other online advertisement are retouched to give a beautiful look. Photo retouching allows you to take up arms in the beauty race. If someone wants to join this race Clipping Path Export can assist you with its expert designers. No matter if the skin looks rough on the picture or hair becomes blurred or wrinkles become visible those will not the problem. We will remove them all and can make realistic with glamour.  There is some variation of model image retouching services. There are some examples

Basic Retouching Amazing

Beauty Retouching Best Option

Glamour Retouching Exclusive

 In the edition of the above following treatments are essential for model retouching jobs.

            # It may necessary to lighting and darkening on the model face. 

            # Enhancing the best facial assets of the model as the corner of the mouth, eyelashes, and cheeks. 

            #Boosting overall the appearance of the subject.

            #Eliminating the appearance of the huge pore.

           # Undermining the look of freckles or moles.

           # Reducing the pimples and blemishes.

           # Removal of stray hairs.

Head-shot Image Editing Services:

Hd-Before-3Head-shot Image Editing Services
Hd-5Head-shot Image Editing Services